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Hi, I'm Henrik Cooke

A freelancing Software Developer from Linköping, Sweden



C#, Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, SQL, React, React Native

Soft Skills

Team Player, Passionate, Pragmatic & Open Minded


Custom Identity Provider Solutions (OIDC, OAuth2 & SAML)

I help my customers build ecosystems of their services by enabling seemless authentication via Open ID Connect (OIDC) and related standards.

Custom Programming Language Design

I help my customers create DSL:s (Domain Specific Language) and custom scripting languages for their specific needs.


Architect, Developer & Product Owner (2021 - now)

Consulting at Fortnox

I developed a custom Identit Provider solution known as Fortnox ID for the Swedish fintech company Fortnox.

Architect & Developer (2017 - 2020)

Consulting at IST

I developed a custom Identit Provider solution for the Swedish edtech company IST.

Frontend Developer (2014 - 1016)

Consulting at Sectra

I worked as a front-end developer in several different teams with applications for medical imaging and diagnosis.

Fullstack Developer (2014)

Employeed by Cybercom

I maintained an IdP SaaS product toghether with a small team at the Swedish consulting company Cybercom.

Fullstack Developer (2010 - 2014)

Employeed by Saab

I worked in one of several teams that developed an application for emergency response and prison security.

Master Thesis (2010)

At Skype

Implementation and evaluation of packet loss concealment schemes for video streaming.

Computer Science (M.Sc.) (2005 - 2010)

At Linköpings University, Sweden

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.


LuBox https://github.com/Cooke/LuBox

A Lua implementation for .NET.

Gnissel https://github.com/Cooke/gnissel

A micro ORM for .NET.

Cooke Rpc https://github.com/Cooke/cooke-rpc

Simple schema based RPC between .NET and JS.

Tybscri https://github.com/Cooke/tybscri

A statically typed scripting language for .NET.